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​About  us



Irosora is an interior design office.

whose main task is the space design of shops and houses.

In the store design, we will joy the visitors with the owner.

In the residence design we create the ideal life style of the owner together

About budget and design images, please sent to message of e - mail us or please contact us by phone.

​About  Design

私達はデザインは「バランス」 だと考えています。「格好が良い」とか「美しい」という見ためも大切ですが、




We believe that design is a "balance". Aesthetics and coolness are very important,

but we can't call it good design if the customer's requests and necessary functions are ignored.

Customer vision and function, beauty, society, people, products,

experiences, markets, consumption, value, cost, etc.

We believe that it is very important to show the design by harmonizing the various elements.

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